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Anna's Family. (Written 20 May 2006)
Anna's mother Catherine, born Moseley, was a D. A. R., Daughter of the American Revolution (through Maude Alston, a descendant of Col. Philip Alston of the War of lndependence, with family traceable to the Plantagenets and the Magna Carta) as close to U.S. aristocracy as they
come. The Moseley clan also is or was an important Southern clan. To the best of my recollection there was at least one famous military man with that name, probably in the war between the N and S. The Texas Moseleys came from Virginia. I could not find a reference to them in the Britannica of '58
or '76. A Joseph Alston from S. Carolina (c. 1779-1816) is mentioned in the Britannica of 1958. There are several with the name spelled Allston. She was also D. R. T. (Texas; Alamo connection). (click to continue >>)

Sterge Demetriades (as appeared in Bowdoin College Publication 1985)

Demetriades: Bowdoin helped propel him to success
Defense and aerospace form California's largest industry, bigger than tourism and agriculture combined,and responsible for about $54 billion a year and a 10% growth rate in the state's economy, according to the Bank of America. Amid giants of the industry like Rockwell International, Northrop, Aerojet General, and Lockheed is a small company called STD Research Corp. (click to continue >>)

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