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Sterge (Asterios-Sterios-Steryios-Sterge) Demetriades and Anna Catherine (Kokkalis) Miller married in Pasadena, CA 22 March 1956. They produced three children: James (Demetrios) Theodore, Aliki Catherine and Alexander Anthony Sterge; all born at St. Luke's Hospital, Pasadena, CA, USA and baptized at St. Demetrios church, Palaion Psychiko, Athensm Greece in the 1960's, Offspring of three given below.

Children of JAMES THEODORE DEMETRIADES (Born 22 September 1962; married Nancy Mulford)
1. Nicholas Andrew (23 Nov. 1984; adopted by Jim; "NIKI epi ton ANDRON")
2. Anastasia (21 Dec. 2002)
3. Alexandra (21 Dec. 2002)
4. Katarina (19 Feb. 2004)
5. Theodore #2 (8 May 2006)
6. Kallisti (Calisti) (18 March 2010)

Children of ALIKI CATHERINE DEMETRIADES (Born 30 May 1965: married Karl Meyer)
1. Dane Demetriades (11 July 1997; Demetriades given middle name.)
2. Makana Demetriades (28 April 2000; Demetriades given middle name.)
 Children of ALEXANDER ANTHONY STERGE DEMETRIADES (Born 14 March 1968 married Hope Mirrell)
1. Lucas (4 Mar 2000)
2. Theodore #1 (24 Aug 2003)

Anna's father's name was Dimitrios (or Demetrios, or Dimitris, or Demetris) Kokkalis in Greece and became James Miller when naturalized in the U.S. Dimitros Kokkalis was the son of Christos Kokkalis and Demetra (Dimitra) Petimeza or Permeza. Both families famous for their part in the Greel was of independence from Turks and dethroning kings imposed on Greece by European Powers. Born 30 Sep. 1893, Patras, Greece.

Anna's mother's name was Catherine Moseley, DAR and DRT, a product of the Virginia Moseleys and So. Carolina Alstons, tracing ancestory back to Plantagenets. Born 2 Sep. 1907, Longview, TX, died 18 Dec, 1998.

Sterge's (modernized from Asterios) father's name was Theodore HadjiSterio (his father having been born in Jerusalem). Father's surname changed to Dimitriades when he went to study in France before WWI in honor of his older brother Dimitros or Demetros or Dimitrios|Demetrios who died in 1898. Theodore Demetriades (to use the spelling adopted by Sterge since the Greek letter 'eta', 7th in Greek alphabet, is closer to the 5th letter of the English alphabet in pronunciation) was born in Stenimahos (now Asenovgrad in Bulgaria) in 1893 and died in Athens 1999.  Sterge's mother Vassiliki Tsafka, born in Stenimahos, graduated from Zapeion in Constantinople, where her father Theodore's brother, George Apostolidis, lived under that surname. George had studied in France also and became inspector of the Berlin Adana Baghdad railroad. He was beaten to death by a Turkish mob near Adana in 1922 leaving a widow, Assimo Doxiadi, who moved to Athens, and 3 children. Theodore Tsatka was murdered in 1927 in Stenimahos, where he went to sell his businesses, having settled his women in Athens. Vassiliki's mother, born Anastasia Tontsou, was born in Stenimahos in 1878, and she died in 1942 in Athens from cancer induced by a beating by Bulgarians before 1925.

Anna's siblings: Judy, June, Chris. Sterge's siblings: Anthony (Tony), Anastasia (Tessa).


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